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Joe Cain Day Parade!!!

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Joe Cain Day Parade!!! Empty Joe Cain Day Parade!!!

Post  staticxacute-her on Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:51 pm

Wed..practice! 6:30-8:30 followed by meet and greet at Touchdown Tavern with the owner so as usual be your cute selves and wear pink...we look so lovely in all the pics by the way!! Then Finally Sunday, Joe Cain...4pm line up by civic center for Krewe de Beinville parade!! Gather your throws ladies!!! Tanks are being printed and fishnets ordered please have the money Wed. at practice and dues please please! We need them or partial payment if nothing else right now ok? Smile Black bottoms of some sort, shorts..skort...sports or dance type cutie booty shorts are fabulous! Whatever makes you comfortable...I am excited to see you all Wed. and I can't wait until the parade!!!! We are going to be filmed by Kris Skoda with how awesome is THAT!!!

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